#1 Reason Relationships Don’t Work Out

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Everyone knows the statistics out there: 50% of marriages end in divorce, and of the ones that don’t, a high percentage are miserable and unhappy, sucking the soul out of both partners.  And that’s the statistics for marriages, so what can be said for the success rate of all relationships in general? It’s not a pleasant picture.

Every relationship is complex and has its unique characteristics and reasons for success and/or failure. When all is said and done, things can be so confusing, that both partners feel like they still love each other, but can’t be together, but don’t know why, and blame each other with vague reasons for why things didn’t work out.

So why the hell do most relationships not work out??

As mentioned, there are many reasons both true and imagined about why each unique relationship failed. But when it all comes down to it, it boils down to the same thing:

People picked the wrong person to get involved in a relationship with in the first place.

Most relationships start because people are horny, or lonely, or tired and desperate or just finally found someone who they feel “comfortable” with and it’s better to be with someone like that than alone. But that does not make for a recipe for relationship success.

The main reason people end up with the wrong person is that they don’t have enough choice. They’ll date around a bit and join up with the first or second decent person who comes along who fulfills a list of certain criteria and makes them feel good. But they don’t really think long-term about whether this person has the same long term goals, ambitions and lifestyle as they do. People tend to get into relationships based on short term lust and short term needs satiation, rather than with a practical understanding of whether the two individuals are really compatible.

Of course, it’s never really obvious if you will have a good relationship until you get to know someone over an extended period of time. The best advice is to date many people and take your time making a decision. You want a large pool of potential applicants to choose from and you want to choose wisely.

Maybe it sounds too practical and calculating, but really, with modern life, the only way to make a good choice is to have an abundance of choice.

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  2. my friend josh is sad

  3. Indeed u r right. Am afraid of a relationship.i had one that crumbled on d floor b/c of d reasons u said

  4. hi ir one why relation ships don’t work out in the past ihave relation ships now2 one vtoo hasd abelly fullof woman now too now my first girlfriend was Jeannette smith friend that vidid meet in sefton training centre in brick wall lane sefton in 1979n jan 29th tage17 yrs old now buy but it never worked out now iwas with her for aweek now but then igot fed up with her now too one now she was about 18yrs old now she come to have alook at the cenrtre with her dasd now Ronnie that did die about 32yrs ago 1980 she lived at 6 west moreland averune ford with her sister now ellaine she went to work in asuper market for awek but then come back to the centre now now we diud fall out for abit now now iuse to get asoecial min I bus to the centre now but because iwas very able now iuse to use ordinary buses now theold 211bus to the cabbage now too now then she went out with my mate tony hughes for aweek now then then things went wrong with her now to she use to use him he use to take herto the vpicturs now in Crosby and hoiliday rthen about 1992tony hughes and their went to see her in buckly hill hopsytel in sefton now and tony brought her boix off chocolates now shr did not want to see now oh Andrew ran tree said top topn y cousin you should off topok them back now too as she was carrying on with tony hughes behind toiny hughes back nbw sadly steven hughes was found dead off heasrt attack ij jan five yrs ago and isaid he,ll,o to Jeannette smnith noiw she give me adiry lok now as throw it was my fault that he died now when it want dave owens relation ships gopsower and hold gruges dave

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