5 secret spots on your woman that will drive her wild

By • Sep 9th, 2008 • Category: For Men

Last week, I posted a few articles about how to please a woman. Today, I’m going to be even more specific and discuss some little known areas of a woman that are very sensitive and can be very pleasurable, but most people don’t know about.  Of course you need to learn how to touch sensually, but if you do, these spots just may open a lot of doors of pleasure for your lady. So, without further ado, here are five sensitive areas on a woman, that will give her immense pleasure if you touch her right:

5. Inside of the elbow- very few people realize just how sensitive the inside area of joints are. The inside of the elbow is sensitive, but not as sensitive as #4…..

4. Inside of the knee- this is a very sensitive, sensual area. You can actually make a woman wet and ready for intercourse just by rubbing and licking the inside of her knee. Skeptical? Try it and thank me later.

3. Feet- what woman doesn’t love a good foot rub? The entire pseudo-science of reflexology is based on the nerve endings in the foot.  Learn to give a good foot massage, and your lady will be dying to be intimate with you.

2. Hands- the hands is how we relate to the world in a tactile way.  We use our hands to communicate, to greet people, to express our thoughts. Hands, also can be used as a great way to build intimacy.  Reach over to hold your lady’s hand, intertwine your fingers, squeeze her hand lightly, then more tightly, rub her fingers, then rub her palm. This can all be done while talking or walking down the street or sitting in a movie theater. In other words, the way you touch your woman’s hands can be a substitute for verbal language and a communication of your feelings and affection. Show your affection through the way you touch your lady’s hands, and she’ll lead you into the bedroom.

1. Back of the neck- this is by far the most powerful place to touch a woman in a non-erogenous area.  There is a hardwired biological reflex to being touched or held at the back of the neck. If you take a look at the animal kingdom, most animals hold and carry their offspring by the back of the neck. It stirs a primal feeling of being owned and dominated. When you are becoming intimate with your woman, lightly clasp a bundle of her hair at the base of her neck- without fail I have observed that a shiver will run through her body. If she’s enjoying it, tighten your grip, her whole body may quiver in anticipation of what’s coming next. Remember- only go as far as your woman allows and enjoys. In my experience, this is an area of her body that never fails to respond.

Incorporate sensual touch of these body parts into your lovemaking and you and your woman will be very pleased.

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  1. i love the inner arm when i see a smooth arm outsretched ,i go insane!
    i so want to feel the inner elbow area!

  2. so if u lick her knee she’ll get wet?

  3. so is this ue personal exprence or extracted source

  4. Wht a gr8t womeneser!!!

  5. Yes its real

  6. Mehn dis is vry gud,it seems it ‘ll work,i guess i’ll try it,i cn’t wait to see my woman feeling my cock immensely in her.

  7. Mehn u r sure dis ‘ll work?

  8. This is bs eat her pussy and shell love u forever

  9. You don’t even explain how or where to touch her kneck, elbows or feet

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