Allow me to introduce myself.   I have created this site to provide some of the insights that I’ve gathered in well over a decade of dating. What makes me qualified to give advice? I’ve been dating and in various relationships for virtually all of my adult life and I can honestly tell you that I’ve literally made every single mistake there was to make in my relationships. It was after yet another unhappy break up that I decided to take control of this area of my life and I went and read virtually every single book I could find about relationships and human psychology. Then I tested everything I researched through extensive trial and error to see what worked and what didn’t. Relationship Lab is a result of this process.

UPDATE: I have completed a master’s program in clinical therapy and currently work as a licensed psychotherapist.  As a result, my focus has started to shift away from simple advice giving to much more intensive therapeutic work to assist an individual in changing long-lasting behavioral and personality difficulties which may be inhibiting their ability to form healthy relationships. As long-term readers of this site have noticed, I have been posting much less lately, directly as a result of this shift in focus and my demanding personal schedule as a psychotherapist. Although this site will provide you with many interesting and useful articles, please note that it is NOT a substitute for doing the hard work of changing ingrained patterns that may be preventing you from achieving happiness and intimacy in your relationships.

That said, this site will provide you with LOTS of information and analysis about relationships, from the initial stages of dating, all the way to the point where a relationship starts to fall apart and its aftermath (hopefully this does not pertain to your relationship.)  As an intuitive, intellectually curious person with a keen interest and insight in psychology, I have been able to test what works and what doesn’t in relationships. This information is gleaned from my experiences as well as the experiences of hundreds of people who I have talked with about the subject, ranging from experts to ordinary people experiencing these situations in their own lives. Along the way, I will provide you with the information and tools that you need to make every relationship you decide to enter into a success.

Without further ado, I would like to personally invite you to join me here, where I will share with you what works and what doesn’t in the “relationship laboratory.”