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Mailbag: Our communication problems are ruining our relationship!

By • Sep 13th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years, and everything was going great. I moved from another state to be with him, and I have yet to find a job here, so we are pretty much together all the time. Well, my problem is now he’s saying that he feels I analyze […]

Mailbag: Help! My husband has intimacy problems!

By • Sep 6th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: I have been married 5 years. Intimacy with my husband has been an issue even prior to marriage. He assured me that we “have the rest of our lives to work on it”. Unfortunately, things have gotten worse, not better. My husband has always seemed to have a problem with “intimacy”. He has no problem […]

Mailbag: I think my feelings for my ex may be ruining my current relationship!

By • Aug 25th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: Help! I’m so lost right now. I’m in my early 20’s and currently have been in a relationship for the past 7 months to a guy the same age who I met a few years ago but we both thought we were too good for each other at first (this was from a distance, we hadn’t […]

Mailbag: I am dating two women, but can’t decide between them!

By • Aug 16th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: Hi. I started dating a woman (A) earlier this year. She was physically my type – cute and sweet. She had been a share mate of mine and things had developed over a couple of months before I expressed romantic interest. I then went overseas on a business trip for a month and she called me […]

Mailbag: I think playing games with my bf has backfired

By • Aug 9th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: Hey, I dated a guy for about a month. But since the second date, I’ve given him ultimatums. The first one was when I said that I wanted a long term relationship, and it worked. We started to get to know each other, then I felt like testing him again after we’ve slept together, saying […]

Mailbag: Help! I think my crush may have ruined my marriage

By • Aug 2nd, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: I have been in a loving relationship with my husband for the last 16 years. We met young (I was 17 and him 19) and over the years I have battled a few crushes that vanished over a few months time. 3 years ago though, I developed a severe crush on another man and have […]

Mailbag: Help! My guy would rather sleep than spend time with me!

By • Jul 28th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: I’m divorced and I met someone a year ago. We both come from broken or failed marriages and both were cheated on by our spouses. It’s been awhile so we’ve been dating for about a year and he does not call me all the time. I often call him. He is a driver and delivers […]

Mailbag: The married woman I was seeing doesn’t want to see me again

By • Jul 8th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: I (40) have read many articles about dating a married woman and now (too late) understand a great deal more of what happened. She (35) had a crush on me (bartender, married for a year) very unhappy in marriage. We saw each other every night of the week for 9 months. Yes, like the articles […]

Mailbag: Do I deserve better in my relationship?

By • Jun 24th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: I don’t know where to begin. My boyfriend and I have been with each other for 2.5 years now. We were best friends and coworkers before we got into a relationship. There is a lot that is similar about us, but also a lot that is very different. The differences have caused a lot of […]

Mailbag: Help! My fiance is suddenly getting cold feet

By • Jun 11th, 2010 • Category: Reader Mailbag

Q: My fiance is having second thoughts about getting married. It was his idea in the first place to get engaged. Everything was going great, so I started planning. He became less and less interested in the planning process. When I confronted him he said that he wanted to wait till after our daughter was born […]