Jesse James allegedly cheats on Sandra Bullock: An Analysis

By • Mar 18th, 2010 • Category: For Couples

So sometimes things do seem to good to be true. Recent reports allege that Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James has been carrying on an affair with some tattooed bimbo called Michelle “Bombshell” McGee for the past 11 months and supposedly she has proof via saved text messages. Something must have happened since Sandra Bullock moved out of their house and today her husband issued an “apology”.  Ok, the first sentence is not necessarily true. Often things that look really good are really good. I should know. But, in this case, Jesse James apparently decided to go out and ruin something that was just fine.

And honestly, I can’t say I’m too surprised, especially if we take a look at his background. Here’s an uneducated, tattooed guy who is known for working on motorcycles. He has been twice divorced and most recently was married to a tattooed porn star. So it’s not surprising that he wants to have sex with skanky tattooed women. The only surprise is that he even had a chance, let alone got married to someone who appears as classy and successful as Sandra Bullock.

Here’s a picture of what the mistress looked like. I especially like the sexy forehead tattoo which reads “Pray for Us Sinners”. You can make your own amusing comment from this one.

tattooed mistress

Always stay classy…

tattooed mistress

Listen, I don’t mean to be too judgmental here. I mean I like tattoos. I have a tattoo and wouldn’t be against getting another. But my tattoo is covered. No offense on someone who has visible tattoos, but this is overkill and indicates some kind of a pathology that goes beyond wanting to make a personal statement. In all likelihood, she is probably addicted to tattoos, and may have an addictive personality with other addictions thrown in. Just speculation… however there is research that suggests that vulnerability to addiction is genetic, and if someone doesn’t get addicted to one thing, such as alcohol, they are still more likely to become addicted to other things such as shopping, or food… or tattoos.  Beyond that, I will venture to take some other guesses regarding her. She is probably has some kind of mental illness or personality disorder that would prevent her from working in normal work environments. I mean, I’m very liberal and somewhat anti-authoritarian, but at the same time I would like to feed my family and not be eliminated from certain social opportunities that may be denied to me if I rub people too wrong with my appearance. By looking the way she does, she effectively eliminates herself from 98% of social and monetary opportunities, which may not really be such a big deal if she has a mental illness or criminal record which would prevent her from doing those things anyway.

Further, I would also guess that she is probably poor and living week by week. I saw an article where she was a cam girl and only desperate people work as cam girls. Why? Because the pay is horrible and it is something you can do from home, which is easy if you don’t have money for expensive stripper clothes or for transportation. Further, she can’t possibly make too much money in the adult industry “modeling” or whatever she does looking the way she does. She fits into too narrow of a niche and many guys don’t like her tattooed look. Further, there is too much competition from other girls, less jobs, and adult producers these days aren’t even paying as much to established performers (or so I’ve read).  And tattoos and plastic surgery is expensive, so whatever she makes she puts back into her appearance. In one article I read, she even posted on a blog that she was looking for a “sugar daddy”. She looks much older than her 20s, possibly in her mid to late 30s or even early 40s and without having any money or savings and being that age, it’s pretty clear that she a) has made some poor life choices and b) hasn’t really put too much thought into the future.

Moving back to Jesse James, it’s quite conceivable that Sandra Bullock fell in love with him for his aggressive, bad-boy, alpha male persona. Coupled with the fact that he’s been banging some porn stars in the past, he probably has a rather sizable member… and that’s an unbeatable combination. If a woman doesn’t like you and you have a large penis, it doesn’t matter. But if a woman has already fallen for you and you have a large penis that fills her up, she will want to be enslaved by you forever. And that’s what happened here. Jesse James really moved up in the world by moving up from porn stars to Sandra Bullock, and the massive orgasms his member provided to his wife glossed over any personality flaws that may have been exposed over the past five years. Jesse James now found himself where he is standing pretty good in the Hollywood community, a “bad boy” with money and brains and personality (since how else could he keep a woman such as Sandra Bullock). But of course, you can take the boy out of the projects but you can’t take the projects out of the boy, so it was just a matter of time inevitably that Jesse James would be drawn to hot, nasty, kinky, crazy, “fuck or be killed” tattooed sex.

Look, Jesse James had it good for a while. Not ever in his wildest dreams did he think in his drugged out, tattooed and motorcycle days that he would find himself to be a respectable Hollywood husband…. and clearly it was too much. I understand where he’s coming from. Just like on American Idol, where I saw a re-run where a contestant in the top 6 from a few years ago said she was tired of the competition and ready to go home, so too has it just become just too much for Jesse James. And he too is now ready to go back home.

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