New Moon- an analysis

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I’m a huge fan of the Twilight movie series. Not because I’m a sucker for gooey teenage love romances or I think it’s particularly breathtaking movie making. No, I love these movies because it’s written by a woman for girls, and so gives a backstage look at women’s desires and fantasies. As I sit and watch, I have plenty of fodder to analyze the situations and various suitors of the main female character in great detail and with great relish. In that sense, “New Moon” the 2nd installment of the Twilight saga, does not disappoint.

The brief synopsis of this story (and it’s very brief, since not much happens) is that Edward Cullen the dark, brooding vampire leaves Bella forever, for her “own good” so that she can live a normal life and forget about him. In the meantime, she strikes up a friendship with Jacob Black, the friendly neighbor who likes to fix bikes and walk around without a shirt, showing off his six-pack. Yeah, Jacob may be hot, but he is also holding a dark secret of his own- he is a boy during day and a werewolf by night! Only when Bella is threatened by a rogue vampire, does Jacob in the form of a werewolf save her and reveal his dual identity. The thing with Jacob, however, is he isn’t just your average friendly werewolf- no, he has a smoldering, passionate love for Bella which cannot be requited because her heart is with Edward. Later when Bella tracks down Edward in Italy and they pledge their eternal love for each other once again, the happy couple return to the sticks of Washington state, at which point there is a showdown between the werewolf Jacob and the vampire Edward. Sweet dreams are made of these. Sigh.

Anyway, what’s particularly interesting here is the difference in the way that Jacob and Edward interact with Bella and her response back to the two.  Edward suddenly announces that he is leaving Bella for her own good and disappears without a trace, leaving her in a broken hearted swoon lasting the entire school year. All she can think about is Edward, he is in her every thought, her every vision, her every dream. Jacob, meanwhile tries to push Edward out of Bella’s heart with logic. He instructs her that “Edward’s not coming back” and interrogates her with “you said you liked me, didn’t you?” (or something of the sort, I don’t remember the exact words since I saw it a week ago). He cajoles and implores her with reasons why they should be together. In his most pathetic attempt, Jacob pronounces that he will keep chasing after Bella even if she loves another man with this doozy, “As long as you like me the best. And you think I’m good-looking—sort of. I’m prepared to be annoyingly persistent.” I don’t even know where to begin with this piece of vomit. Jacob clearly puts Bella on a pedestal and puts the decision-making in her corner, by grovelling for her approval with his “if you like me best and you think I’m good looking…” bit. Worst of all, he basically proclaims himself as being annoying- not exactly the best way to be attractive to a woman.

Speaking of vomit, even more pathetic than Jacob is Mike, the nondescript geek boy from school who meekly asks Bella out on a date, then pouts when Bella invites other people to avoid the awkwardness of being alone on a date with Mike.  Then Mike throws up when they end up sitting through some action gore movie that was too much for Mike to stomach. Ok, we get it, Mike is wuss. But not content to let Mike’s wussiness upstage him, Jacob decides to unfurl the following statement referring to Mike, that reeks of desperation and insecurity- “What a marshmallow. You should hold out for someone with a stronger stomach. Someone who laughs at the gore that makes weaker men vomit.” By calling Mike a marshmallow and proclaiming himself the stronger man for being able to laugh at the gorey movie, Jacob basically accomplishes the opposite effect of trying to impress a girl too much, making himself look weaker and more desperate. Remember guys, never tries to impress a woman with words- show her, instead of telling her.

It was only after Mike pulled an Edward, and decided to disappear from Bella’s life, that she came running back to him, trying to still keep him on the back burner with her “you need to give me some more time” bs. Thankfully, he saw through her gambit and stuck to his guns, only to fall apart again once Edward came back to town.

In conclusion, Edward, the sullen, brooding vampire, has Bella wrapped around his finger, simply because he doesn’t need her and has the confidence to back it up by walking away. Jacob, in comparison, wants her so bad that he tries everything in his overly logical boy brain to bully her into falling in love with him, all to no avail. Women don’t respond to logic, they respond to emotions. And Edward, who is over a century old, has the experience to know how to tap into the deep, flaming lava of a woman’s passions. In the end, it is this superiority in Edward’s character that allows him to capture the heart and mind of the woman he loves.

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  1. Ok…can I just say first of all…did you see the movie? Obviously one week has done something tragic to your memory besides not remembering lines because you seem to have a lot of facts wrong in your synopsis…

    First of all Bella doesn’t even see Jacob without a shirt until she crashes the already fixed motorcycle and is bleeding and he gives it to her to stop the bleeding…he’s not traipsing around shirtless the whole time their friendship is developing…mind you I only know this because I was WAITING for the moment when his shirt would come off and his hair would be short haha.

    Secondly, you have the moment when Jacob reveals his true identity ALL WRONG…which really makes me wonder if you actually saw the movie or you’re just talking out of your butt here…offense intended…yes, him and his pack saved her from dreadlock black vampire guy, but she didn’t know that was Jacob until he transformed in front of her at his house, protecting her from another werewolf in his pack…that was a classic scene from the previews and everything, the fact that you got it wrong makes me really question your entire analysis…

    I don’t have the same vomit inducing feeling when it comes to Jacob’s being honest about his feelings for Bella and letting her know that as long as there is a glimmer of hope he will persist…obviously this movie wasn’t meant for you if you can’t see how that declaration doesn’t open him up and make him completely vulnerable to her…and while yes, he loses because her heart remains with Edward which is very tragic…he has done something that most men will never do in their life, he actually took away his own pride and ego to prevent any barriers between them…and I don’t think it’s fair to make a judgment on Jacob when he is insulting Mike…he was suffering from “the Fever” of becoming a werewolf and had no idea what was going on with him and why he was being such a macho jerk :] and I don’t think Jacob stuck to his “guns” that well [as you put it] when after she came pleading with him to not stop being friends, he was still jumping in her window at night wishing he could tell her the whole truth…

    Bella didn’t know what was going to happen with Edward so I don’t think it’s fair to say she was keeping Jacob on the backburner…she was actually doing a great job trying not to mislead him and let him know where she was at emotionally, at least as well as most communication-impaired teenagers do…and every single time it came down to a choice between Edward and Jacob…she always chose Edward, even though she obviously loved Jacob and didn’t want to hurt him…

    Yes, Bella is wrapped around Edward’s finger…but he is wrapped around hers also…did you not understand how hard it was for him to leave her? He was doing it because he realized that being with him was only constantly putting her in danger and he didn’t want to turn her into a vampire and doom her to the type of life he had to live for eternity…she fell in love with Edward first, and never intended on falling out of love with him…it is just tragic that in the process Jacob fell so completely in love with someone he could never have…

    Yes, Edward is a good talker…and yes, women especially…or maybe I should just speak for myself…I tend to put more weight in my emotions than logic much of the time…and maybe that IS why this movie appeals to me…but I just love any story where there is that “forbidden love”…where there is that tension of wanting two people to get together so bad because you KNOW how they feel about each other…and the satisfaction of that actually happening, because in real life things never really go that way and most guys never really let themselves be THAT vulnerable…or at least the ones that do are not the ones you are desperately in love with… to your analysis, next time at least get your facts straight, and please, don’t make assumptions about what women’s desires and fantasies are….you’re still not getting it

  2. Nicole, thanks for your detailed response. I’m glad you enjoyed the article enough to write such a voluminous response. The article is intended as an analysis of the psychodynamics of the relationships, rather than a review of the film as such, so the exact timeline of when Jacob’s shirt actually comes off is not germane. You yourself admitted that “yes, women especially… or maybe I… tend to put more weight in my emotions than logic”, so you are in agreement with my assessment. As for Jacob’s vulnerability, women love that kind of thing in THEORY, but all of a sudden find themselves surprisingly disgusted in actuality. Showing vulnerability in moderation can be a powerful aphrodisiac if a man displays it with discretion to a woman who already has been developing feelings. I’ve written an article on this site on the same topic, which I will dig up. What Jacob is doing is vomiting his insecurities in front of a woman whose heart is with another man. Not the same thing and won’t get the same results.

  3. I just think it’s unrealistic for you to take the fantasy world of books and movies and try to analyze them as if they were reality…these types of things will always be idealistic…

    Maybe your writing would have more impact if you actually spoke from what you have learned through the relationships YOU have experience in real life…and just because some girl shot down your vulnerability does not mean you can make a generalization about all women…

    but, since you insist on bringing New Moon into reality, yes, choosing to be completely vulnerable to someone who is already in love with someone else is a huge risk…but if you love someone…I think it is worth a shot…I say Go Jacob for being so brave…so he didn’t end up getting the girl…but you know, most of the things you regret in life are the things you never did…

  4. My only question to you is why is this in the “woman” section? MEN NEED TO READ YOUR ANALYSIS….You are on point. And most guys who have been the “always there” guy or the persistent guy, usually losing to the brooding, dark, bad boy, guy, time after time will understand this. And yes, generalizations are always broad and sweeping and, in some cases, “not true”. That goes without saying (so why did i say it?). But almost all analysis of this nature includes useful generalizations. Yours was one such useful generalization….

    keep up the good works/words

    The Cooler….

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