Player or Not?

By • Jan 30th, 2009 • Category: For Women

Sometimes when you start dating a new guy, you may have some mixed signals, and you don’t know how to interpret it. You are starting to fall for him, but at the same time you don’t want to get hurt and you want to make sure his heart is in the right place. So how do you determine whether this guy is sometime you can build a relationship with or if he is simply a player? Here are some guidelines to help you:

If he tells you he loves you within the first few dates or even weeks of knowing you, he’s either a PLAYER or extremely emotionally undeveloped.

If he is pressuring you into sex in the first few dates, he’s a PLAYER. (Yes, I know I advise men to be aggressive and initiate physicality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean to go straight for sex.)

If he is constantly leaving the room to answer phone calls, he’s probably a PLAYER.

If he doesn’t introduce you to any of his friends in the first month of dating, he’s either a PLAYER or has no friends… I’m not sure which is worse.

If you’ve been dating for six months and he hasn’t introduced you to his parents even though they live in the same city, he’s PLAYING you.

If he never takes you on dates on weekends, you are being PLAYED.

If he constantly avoids certain parts of towns or establishments while with you on dates, he’s a PLAYER.

If he constantly brags about past conquests (as opposed to being matter-of-fact or non-avoidant)  he’s inexperienced, immature and a PLAYER.

If he never answers his phone and/or calls you back at odd hours or lengthy intervals from the time of the call, he’s PLAYING you.

If he never answers the phone while with you, he’s probably a PLAYER and has a regular girlfriend or wife on the side.

If he avoids being seen in public with you…. does that even need to be answered?

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  1. I understand everything that is being said in this article, but what about being a college student with no car. neither one of us drives and we’ve never been out, does that count?

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