Some hot ideas for a romantic getaway on the cheap

By • Jan 6th, 2010 • Category: For Couples

As any avid reader of this site knows, I am a big advocate of keeping spontaneity and unpredictability as a staple of any successful relationship. The problem, of course, in this economy is how to keep things exciting with a lack of funds. The good news is that doing something special with your honey doesn’t necessarily have to cost a bundle and can be usually accomplished within budget. Here’s a list of ideas that you can implement right away to have a magical time with your lover:

1. Get a room- it doesn’t have to be expensive, you can get a cheap motel room in many cities for $40-$50… if you have more of a budget, get one with a jacuzzi… there are actually “adult motels” that cater to adult couples, where you can get a room for the day or night and includes a hot tub and romantic decor and bubble baths, etc and are actually quite cheap. The point isn’t that you have to do something exotic, just getting away to a different place for the night makes you feel like you are away on vacation, and if you can pay a little more for a nice room with amenities, you really will. Likewise, during the month of January plenty of locations are offering free or dirt cheap rooms just to get you to come during a slow time. This is a great way to visit AC or Las Vegas for next to nothing. Just don’t gamble too much at the roulette wheel.

2. Any outdoor activies- most people at this time of year get really sedentary and stay indoors to get away from the cold. You might not have the money or skills to lay down serious cash on a ski resort, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay in the house. County skiing, for example, can be done for roughly $20 per person in the northeast or you can just get an inner tube or sled and make your way to the top of any snow covered hill. For those in warmer climes, go out to a park and have a picnic or go hiking. Just breaking out of your every day routine can make it feel like you are on a special trip and doesn’t have to cost anything at all.

3. A focus on the arts- Very little inspires romance like the arts, so why not do something arts related to provide some diversity in your life. You don’t have to go to an expensive Broadway type show or an expensive museum, there are plenty of student or amateur theatrical productions that cost next to nothing or free galleries that showcase up and coming artists and even provide free wine to boot. Likewise, some museums such as MOMA here in NYC offer free nights on select days for the public. If you’d rather participate than watch, there are plenty of figure drawing events in most major cities, where for $10 or less you can show up for a few hours and draw figure models in the nude. One place in NYC even provides free alcohol while you draw. The point is there’s many free or cheap options to do something artsy with your mate… and most major cities have free weekly publications that give you the scoop on all the happenings going on that week.

Adding variety, intrigue and excitement in your relationship doesn’t require any money. All it takes is the desire to invest yourself in your relationship.

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